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Standard Memberships Deprecated

Standard memberships are deprecated. That means they will be going away in the very near future.

Anyone who has never purchased an upgraded membership should be seeing this message when they log in:

Your membership will soon receive a 30-day free trial upgrade. You will be welcome to try out Silver or Gold or even Platinum.

But for now, Standard is still supported. Carry on.

This does not affect anybody with a paid membership. Thank you very, very much for your support!

Membership Levels

Silver Membership

Fact is, Mister Linky’s Original Auto Linkies are supported by your donations. We hope that if you find them a useful and time-saving tool, you will make a donation and become a Silver member.

Upgraded memberships may display more than one Linky at a time. You’ll also get the export feature, which allows you to save your links permanently as HTML.

Best of all, you can now create your own memes with Mister Linky — and share them, too! Any upgraded member can subscribe to the growing list of shared memes created by their fellow members.

And of course, once you become a member at any level, any upgrade to a higher level is discounted by the amount of your purchase and pro-rated for the remainder of your membership year.

A one-year Silver membership costs only $5 US.

Gold Membership

Gold membership includes all Silver-level benefits, and then some…

Gold members will have the option of receiving a notification e-mail whenever anybody leaves a linky on their page. I’ve been using this for years now and I don’t think I could ever get by without it!

The STYLE option lets you choose from a whole bunch of colors, so your widget fits right into your blog!!

The latest Gold feature is here, by popular request!! Are you using your widgets for a contest? Choose the winning entry right from your Widgets page!!

A one-year Gold membership costs $10 US.

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership includes all Gold-level benefits, and so much more!

The new Thumbnail-Linky Widget is very popular and was rewritten recently to be more efficient and more reliable. And the export function now lets you save not just your links, but your thumbnail graphics, too — as pure HTML!!

Now, for Platinum Members — the BlenzaPlus Plugin for WordPress!! If you’ve ever wished you could host your own widgets right on your own server in your own database, this is how! To learn more about the plugin, have a look at the How-To Page.

Another benefit for Platinum members is part of the new STYLE option. So far there are three additional widget styles available ony to Platinum members, but more of them will be added over time!

A one-year Platinum membership costs $20 US.

How to make a Linky Widget

Thanks for watching this video about how to make a Linky Widget. We’re here in WordPress and typing up a post. Once we’re ready, we can go to, the home of Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets. We’ll click the Wizard link, select HTML, select Easy-Linky (the most popular option) and click Generate. Then we’ll copy the code and come back here.

Now we can create an HTML block and paste our code. It’s that simple!

BlenzaPlus Plugin

Until somebody recently reminded me about it, I’d almost forgotten about the BlenzaPlus Plugin.

The thing that’s special about the BlenzaPlus Plugin, and the reason it was created in the first place, was that ALL data is stored on the same host as the WordPress Blog.

What does this mean? It means that if your WordPress hosting is in Europe, your BlenzaPlus Plugin data is also stored in Europe too.

Turning off comments. Tweet @misterlinky if you’d like a demo.

Use and Privacy Policy

Is your inbox filling up with notices about sites you use updating their privacy policy? Mine too. I don’t know what to do about this Europe stuff. I’m not a lawyer and can’t offer any advice. But I’ve decided to spell out what the use/privacy policy is, what information we collect, and what we do with cookies. It will soon be on the site, with a link displayed on each and every widget. In fact, as soon as I can manage it, you’ll need to acknowledge the policy soon in order to continue using the site. Here’s a preview.

Use And Privacy Policy

Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets is a platform that allows its users to create widgets that may be embedded in blogs and other web sites. The service runs on servers located in the United States of America.

Widgets belong to and are controlled by the user that created them, and each user is responsible for the widgets they create.

Information displayed on Widgets belongs to the visitor that entered it, and each visior is responsible for the information they enter.

Widgets collect information optionally provided by visitors to its owner’s site. This is the sole purpose of the platform and the widgets it serves.

Use of cookies is described below. Widget visitors may use the cookie removal tool to remove any cookies created by the widgets. Registered users may log out to remove any cookies created by the site.

Mister Linky cannot provide legal advice, but if you are subject to laws that restrict your freedom to provide or collect information, you should probably not use this site or its widgets.

This policy is subject to change without notice, but will always be available to read right here and on Mister Linky’s Blog. This is version 1.

Visitors to sites using Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets

When you visit a site containing a widget, you may provide information to be displayed by that widget. This is completely optional, and by entering this information you consent to display it to other visitors.

Cookies are used to remember the last name and link you entered, so you don’t need to enter it again next time. Cookies also make it possible for you to delete or edit information you previously entered. Cookies even let your browser remember you’ve read and accepted this policy!

Information collected during visit: name, link, thumbnail image. This information is then displayed on the widget to other visitors, because that’s what the widgets are for.

Additional information collected is the browser IP address, in case of abuse. This information is available only to Mister Linky, not to the owner of the widget, and is not shared with anyone at any time.

Visitors may change their information or request to be removed from the system by filing a helpdesk request.

Mister Linky Registered Users

When you sign up as a registered user, you provide your registration information to Mister Linky.

Cookies are used to remember your Mister Linky user id, so you don’t have to log in every time you use the site.

Information collected at registration: name, password, e-mail address, site URL.

Information collected at membership upgrade purchase: PayPal transaction information.

Additional information collected is the browser IP address, in case of abuse. And of course, widget metadata and other site preferences are also stored. None of this information is shared with anyone at any time.

Registered users of Mister Linky’s magical widgets may change their information using the Options feature. They may request to be removed from the system by filing a helpdesk request.

Moving! (not very far, don’t worry)

TL;DR: downtime Saturday Sunday morning, April 22 for server move, report all trouble at the Help Desk.

Just wanted to let everybody know that is moving to a new server – same hosting, so this is not a super difficult move.

***BUT*** there will be some downtime on Saturday Sunday early morning, April 22, I’m thinking 6 a.m. eastern US time. I’ve already copied all the data, and I have a procedure that updates anything that has changed since the last time I ran that script. So I need to take the system down for about 45 minutes to do one last copy with nothing changing on the old server.

At that point, the new server will have all the data. I’ll make the IP address change official, and then restart the old server, with one big change – all requests will be sent to the new server. So if you see “” that is a temporary measure to make sure you get the new server until the change-of-address reaches your own system. It usually takes 24-48 hours, they say.

So fingers crossed, and I’m still doing spot-checks to make sure the application is OK (new version of Apache, PHP, etc).

If you notice any trouble after the move, please don’t hesitate to let me know – the Help Desk is the best place to report stuff like that.

Blog Owner Dashboard

The Blog Owner Dashboard is a little something I hope you all find useful.

Simply put, whenever you’re looking at one of your own widgets, as long as your browser is still logged into Mister Linky’s server, you (and only you) will see a little box right below the widget.

Blog Owner Dashboard: Click to display the links and settings for this widget. (What is this?)

Inside that box is a link to your widget. In case you’re not familiar with the Widgets Page, the Click to display… link will open a new browser tab/window and take you to the section of the Widgets Page specific to the widget you’re looking at.

Maybe you don’t want to see that little box. (Really? But it looks so nice!) And rest assured that you’ll only see it because you’re logged into Mister Linky’s server. So to disable the Dashboard, click to visit the Options Page and under the Blog Owner Dashboard section, click the Hide button. Simple as that!

Now with 50% more magic!

Yes, that’s right – 50% 67% more magic! There were some reports of trouble with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, and that got me to thinking that the magic was in need of some updating. The result is now under test.

Oh, and by the way, some of the new magic makes Mister Linky’s widgets more reliable! Have you ever had a link disappear because of a network glitch? That will never happen again – the widget will tell you now if anything goes wrong with adding your link to the system.

I’ve already tested with an unprecedented set of browser versions, with any luck ::knock on wood:: it won’t take long before the new magic can be made available for everybody to use.

So give it a try, and if you run into any trouble, leave a comment here let me know at the help desk. Please do me a favor and give some indication of which browser (name/version/platform) you’re using.

{ expired widget removed }

New Plugin!

The problem… Editing your WordPress post can result in a loss of the script codethat runs your Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets… And cut/paste from the Widget Wizard can be a bother.

The solution… A brand new WordPress plugin that lets you add a widget with just one click, with no more code to pasteand no more code to worry about losing! It works with all types of Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets and it’s available to all of Mister Linky’s members.

Learn more about the new plugin here.