Membership Levels

Silver Membership

Fact is, Mister Linky’s Original Auto Linkies are supported by your donations. We hope that if you find them a useful and time-saving tool, you will make a donation and become a Silver member.

Upgraded memberships may display more than one Linky at a time. You’ll also get the export feature, which allows you to save your links permanently as HTML.

Best of all, you can now create your own memes with Mister Linky — and share them, too! Any upgraded member can subscribe to the growing list of shared memes created by their fellow members.

And of course, once you become a member at any level, any upgrade to a higher level is discounted by the amount of your purchase and pro-rated for the remainder of your membership year.

A one-year Silver membership costs only $5 US.

Gold Membership

Gold membership includes all Silver-level benefits, and then some…

Gold members will have the option of receiving a notification e-mail whenever anybody leaves a linky on their page. I’ve been using this for years now and I don’t think I could ever get by without it!

The STYLE option lets you choose from a whole bunch of colors, so your widget fits right into your blog!!

The latest Gold feature is here, by popular request!! Are you using your widgets for a contest? Choose the winning entry right from your Widgets page!!

A one-year Gold membership costs $10 US.

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership includes all Gold-level benefits, and so much more!

The new Thumbnail-Linky Widget is very popular and was rewritten recently to be more efficient and more reliable. And the export function now lets you save not just your links, but your thumbnail graphics, too — as pure HTML!!

Now, for Platinum Members — the BlenzaPlus Plugin for WordPress!! If you’ve ever wished you could host your own widgets right on your own server in your own database, this is how! To learn more about the plugin, have a look at the How-To Page.

Another benefit for Platinum members is part of the new STYLE option. So far there are three additional widget styles available ony to Platinum members, but more of them will be added over time!

A one-year Platinum membership costs $20 US.