Moving! (not very far, don’t worry)

TL;DR: downtime Saturday Sunday morning, April 22 for server move, report all trouble at the Help Desk.

Just wanted to let everybody know that is moving to a new server – same hosting, so this is not a super difficult move.

***BUT*** there will be some downtime on Saturday Sunday early morning, April 22, I’m thinking 6 a.m. eastern US time. I’ve already copied all the data, and I have a procedure that updates anything that has changed since the last time I ran that script. So I need to take the system down for about 45 minutes to do one last copy with nothing changing on the old server.

At that point, the new server will have all the data. I’ll make the IP address change official, and then restart the old server, with one big change – all requests will be sent to the new server. So if you see “” that is a temporary measure to make sure you get the new server until the change-of-address reaches your own system. It usually takes 24-48 hours, they say.

So fingers crossed, and I’m still doing spot-checks to make sure the application is OK (new version of Apache, PHP, etc).

If you notice any trouble after the move, please don’t hesitate to let me know – the Help Desk is the best place to report stuff like that.