Monthly Archives: January 2010

Getting Started

A few people have asked me over the past couple days years how to get started with Mister Linky’s widgets. Here’s something quick I’ll expand on when I get a chance…

I think the easiest way to start is to jump right in with a test post.

If you log in at and click Wizard, select the type of blog that you have and then select one of the wizard types — original auto-linky, for example, or easy-linky (no caching, links appear right away).

When you click the Generate Code button, it will give you some script tag code that you select and copy.

Then you go over to your blog, write your test post, and then at the end, click the HTML tab (if you have one) and paste in the script tag code.

When you publish you’ll have a linky widget on your post.

That’s the basics — it can get a little more complicated, but not much, if you are creating a meme or playing a blog game, but just getting a widget is a good first step to start with.

Spam and Filters

Got spam? Here’s a quick note about what you can do about it.

  • log in at
  • click Options and then under “Functional Options” is the filtering list
  • click to add a new filter
  • on the screen that follows, select Host if you want to block based on part of a url or Name if you want to block based on part of the name
  • then type in the text
  • for example, to block links from this blog, you would select “Host” and type “misterlinky” into the text box
  • click Enter