System Update ++ Caching System

A new link repository has been added to the system, which should deliver links much faster, and give us much better overall system performance. The system has always stored all incoming links in a database, and will continue to do so. However, we will also cache the links, so that the database doesn’t have to be queried each and every time someone loads a page. What this means is that after a link is left on your site, it might take up to a minute for that link to appear when someone else comes to your site. This fine-tuning of this system will take some time to get just right, so please bear with us during this transition.

Again, my apologies for the instability of the system over the past week or so. Part of this was because of a hardware issue that, once resolved, took some additional fixing on the part of technical support at our hosting service. But the overall performance should improve noticeably — now, and especially after the transition to caching has been completed, a few days from now.

Please follow Mister Linky on Twitter for (hopefully) timely updates, and report any issues at the Help Desk.

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