Monthly Archives: April 2009

To PING or not to ping?

If you have absolutely no idea what a ping is, you can probably just ignore this post.

On the other hand, if you’ve set up pinging from your blog to Mister Linky’s ping service, you might need to read this.

And if you’re here because Mister Linky sent you a pointer to this post… well in that case, please do keep reading.

We’ve set up a ping service so that ever-linky and comment-linky widgets can be automatically activated with whatever meme they are set up for. This is done by matching meme names with post titles — not terribly scientific, but pretty effective in most cases, since a lot of times people will title their post with the name of the meme in it, like “Wordless Wednesday #42” or “Wordless Wednesday, The Grand Canyon” — the kind of thing.

If you are NOT using the ever-linky or comment-linky widget, there’s really no reason to set up your blog to ping Mister Linky. It won’t really do any harm, but it’s definitely not doing any good. In fact, it does cause your blog posts to take longer in processing, so there’s a reason to use it only when it’s needed — for the EL’s and the CL’s.

So if you’ve received this link and you’re not using ever-linkies or comment-linkies, you can go ahead and remove the entry from your blog’s ping list. Thanks!