What’s new? It’s what’s EASY!

If you’ve been to the widget wizard today, you maybe have noticed something new. It’s the EASY-LINKY! It’s just like the auto-linky but doesn’t require any changes to your blog’s header or other template files. Just drop the code into your post and you’re done. In a word, it’s EASY!

What’s different about the easy-linky, on the technical side, is the magic that the header code does provide now has to be part of every widget. Because that makes the easy-linky quite a bit more resource-intensive, you’ll need to be a gold member to use it.

But wait, there’s more! UPDATE — Yes, more!! A brand new Gold member benefit, long awaited, has finally arrived! It’s toolbar support! Just run the widget wizard and choose the auto-linky or easy-linky widget, and then after the widget wizard shows you your code, it will offer you a bookmarklet — just drag it to your toolbar and you’ll never (or hardly ever) have to visit the widget wizard again! You’re welcome! :)