Sorry about the downtime!!

The system is up, thank goodness! I submitted a ticket this morning with our hosting company and was told the server wasn’t rebooting after a security update. Security good, not-booting not so good! Well anyway, we’re back and I’m sorry for whatever caused the outage, whatever it was.

Anyway, I know there’s no way I can give you back the morning, but I’ll try and make this up to you. We were out for about four hours (8 am to noon eastern) so here’s the plan — all upgraded memberships will be extended by four days.

That’s right, go ahead and pinch yourselves. If your membership was going to expire tomorrow, it won’t expire until Sunday. If you thought you were good until Christmas, your membership won’t be up until 12/29. Just my way of saying, it wasn’t my fault, really it wasn’t, but I’m still sorry!! Don’t check your expiration date until later, though — so if you haven’t upgraded your membership yet, you have a few hours to get those extra four days for free!

Seriously, though — my fingers are crossed that this doesn’t happen for another good long time, and I hope that the outage wasn’t a huge inconvenience for you.

Mister Linky

P.S. The update has been applied. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!