Monthly Archives: April 2014

Blog Owner Dashboard

The Blog Owner Dashboard is a little something I hope you all find useful.

Simply put, whenever you’re looking at one of your own widgets, as long as your browser is still logged into Mister Linky’s server, you (and only you) will see a little box right below the widget.

Blog Owner Dashboard: Click to display the links and settings for this widget. (What is this?)

Inside that box is a link to your widget. In case you’re not familiar with the Widgets Page, the Click to display… link will open a new browser tab/window and take you to the section of the Widgets Page specific to the widget you’re looking at.

Maybe you don’t want to see that little box. (Really? But it looks so nice!) And rest assured that you’ll only see it because you’re logged into Mister Linky’s server. So to disable the Dashboard, click to visit the Options Page and under the Blog Owner Dashboard section, click the Hide button. Simple as that!