New server… now what?

Finally posting this message about what to do once you’ve been moved to the new server. Don’t do any of this until that’s done and Mister Linky has sent you this link.

For new widgets, all you need to do is use the Widget Wizard and you’ll get widget code that goes directly to the new server.

For existing widgets, where it says “” all you need to do is change the “www” to “www2” — now that widget will load directly from the new server. And in the case of existing auto-linky widgets, it means they’re not broken anymore!

NOTE: if you have the old header scripts, i.e. containing or — do NOT change these, but please remove them according to the directions you can find here.

ALSO NOTE: if you’re using a bookmark to create your widget scripts, you may be able to edit that bookmark and change “” to “” but if you find you can’t, simply delete that bookmark and get a new one from the widget wizard.

Of course you shouldn’t do any of this until you’ve been moved to the new server, and to request that, simply file a ticket at the help desk — use the category “NEW SERVER” and please use the medium priority.

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