Outage issue.

There appears to be some kind of hosting issue that is causing an outage.  I’ve filed an emergency ticket with them and will update you all when I find out what’s going on.  Thank you for your patience!

Clarification: if you see something about an account being suspended, it’s not YOUR account that’s suspended, it’s Mister Linky’s hosting account. Uggh!

UPDATE: It happened again, and for the last time, the server got moved. This caused two problems. 1) Any update that took place since some time last week didn’t get moved; 2) Users’ browsers may still be looking at the old server, not the new one. And 3) for a while on the old server there were “account suspended” messages and login prompts.

Issue #1 is resolved. I’ve been working for hours fixing the data, and moved/updated 13,027 rows by hand. NOTE: IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP/UPGRADE IS NOT SHOWING UP, PLEASE LOG OUT AND LOG BACK IN AT www.blenza.com — IF THIS DOESN’T FIX IT, PLEASE LOG AT TICKET AT THE HELP DESK.

Issue #2 should resolve on its own. If you find that you’re still looking at the old server, seeing nothing instead of Mister Linky, you might try clearing your browser’s cache and/or rebooting your computer.

Issue #3 should also be behind us. Sorry if there was any confusion about this message and the behavior of any blog using Mister Linky’s widgets.

I sincerely apologize for this unexpected downtime, and have extended by ONE MONTH every single upgraded membership in the system.