How to close your widget

A number of people have asked how to close your widget, so that it doesn’t accept any new links.  While there is no way to do this automatically, it can be done by changing the auto-linky script in your blog post.

Auto-Linky Widget

If you add “&disabled=1” to the end of the auto-linky script url, no new links may be added. for example:

<script type="text/javascript"

continues to display the links, but does not accept new ones. 

Ever-Linky and Comment-Linky Widgets

If you’re using ever-linkies or comment-linkies, it’s even easier and you probably already know how to do this.  You would first log in at and then in the same browser window, visit your blog.  When the green message appears, “Welcome, Your-Name-Here. You are the owner of this widget. Current meme: None. Click to Change.”  Just click the link and select None (No Linkies).  The links that were already there will continue to display, but new ones cannot be added unless you click-to-change again.