Got WP 2.1?

I just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.1 in about 3 minutes.

1. Back up your WP tables.
2. Put WP 2.1 in a new directory.
3. Run the first step that creates your config file, but go NO FURTHER (you can’t anyway without clearing out the tables that already exist)
4. Copy any plugins/themes (or other files you added) from the old directory to the new
5. Copy .htaccess from the old directory to the new
6. Run the upgrade (/wp-admin/upgrade.php)
7. Rename the old directory to name-old and rename the new directory to have the old name.
8. That’s it! WP 2.1 is running with URL that used to be old-WP!

Why am I telling you this when I could start a consulting business? Hmm, good question! :)

(pssst, wanna buy a platinum membership??

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