Old FAQ — About

Q. What happened to the “about” page?

A. I realized there just wasn’t that much to talk “about”… here’s the Mister Linky story, in case you missed it…

I was a quiet child. I always did well in school. What? Not that beginning?

Well, OK. Mister Linky was born out of my overwhelming laziness. Yes, it’s true! I would go visiting around to other Thursday Thirteeners and they’d come back and visit me and they’d want to get linked up. That’s how it works, after all! And I would dutifully spend an hour or more — oh yes, no kidding! — clicking through Blogger profiles and finding the links and editing my HTML… that is, if Blogger was even speaking to me!

Feh, enough. Well what if there was a way to add everybody’s links automatically? Well necessity met invention and the rest is history.

And so I started using it myself and I think it was KDubs who first asked if she could use it, and then a bunch of other people joined in and then it just started spreading on its own. Made it a little difficult to make sure people were getting the code right, but it all seems to be working so far.

And here we are. I want to thank everyone who has made a donation. It really does help to make sure there is plenty of bandwidth to go around, that the lights keep shining on the database, and that the code keeps rolling along. Thank you!

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