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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

You’ve probably noticed by now some updates to Linky Land.

First of all, I’ve moved the FAQ/news to this blog where it’s easier to communicate with the Linky community. I’d recommend subscribing, so you always know what’s going on.

The new Image Linkies are available and can be used anywhere HTML can be used. Some systems, like (the free one, not the one you download and use on your own domain) and LiveJournal don’t let you use the JavaScript that Mister Linky used to require. Image Linkies can be used on these systems… or anywhere!

I’ve been updating the list of memes all along, so this is nothing new.

And a few bugs have been fixed, some code cleaned up.

As always, be sure to use the Help Desk to report any issues. It is so much easier for me to help you this way. But it’s important that you include your Mister Linky user id in your message as well as the URL where you’re having trouble. I should figure out how to get the help desk system to ask you for this information, don’t I?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I’ve got this new control panel that allows you to see a list of users who have left a comment or a link. You can also see a list of referrers to your site. You can also see what search strings have landed people on your doorstep. Then as soon as you click on the link, it goes away, so you only see a list of who you need to visit. I have been playing around with this and I really love it. If you’re a Platinum user, or if you’d like to upgrade and use this, let me know and I’ll show you how to try it. I don’t want to advertise it more broadly until I’ve gotten some feedback from folks like yourself.

Old News

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

I’m moving the news here from Linky Land

Permanent HTML Links

For those of you who were interested in saving permanent HTML for your Linky links, read more about that new feature on Mister Linky’s New Blog

Note, this is different from the WP Plugin. WP users should just use the plugin and ignore this altogether.

Wizard Updated

I’ve updated the Widget Wizard in a couple of places.

First, I now distinguish between WordPress (the web’s finest blogging software, by the way, if you ask me, which some of you have) and (the web’s worst free hosted blogging solution, if you must know). The former is used happily by everyone who has tried it, while the latter is so inflexible that you can’t add much of anything to it at all.

Second, I’ve added specific instructions for using Blogger Beta (yuck, if you want my opinion) with Ever-Linkies. You CAN use Comment-Linkies with Blogger Beta, but I haven’t finished writing those instructions yet, so I’ve disabled it in the wizard. Please file a support ticket if you need to get Comment-Linkies working with Blogger Beta.

Got Issues?

Mister Linky welcomes Linky Helpy to the family. If you run into any problems with anything Linky just dial up the Help Desk and tell us your woes.

Blog!! Plugin!!

Mister Linky has a new blogcheck it out and read all about the new MISTER LINKY WORDPRESS PLUGIN!!

WordPress plugin coming soon!

Yes, the rumors are all true! The new WordPress plugin is in alpha-test and should be ready for some beta-test any day now. What is this plugin? you ask… Instead of using JavaScript to display links on your WordPress blog, the plugin will connect to a new web service to retrieve the links and display them directly. This will enable all of the crawlers and spiders to count your links where they might not have been counted before. What’s more, because the web service demands far less bandwidth, free accounts will have expanded use of this service, beyond just one widget. Donations are still gratefully accepted, of course… code doesn’t grow on trees, ya know! :)

Talk to me…

If someone is abusing your Linkies, please let me know about it. I just banned “The Creep” and removed his entries. But if there’s someone else, please don’t just ignore it.

Paying the Bills

Standard members may have already noticed text ads appearing on their linkies. This is an unavoidable fact of economics and bandwidth. Let me say that paid members will never see ads in their linkies and standard members will only see text ads in theirs, never graphical ads.

One at a time…

Beginning this week, Mister Linky’s Standard members will be restricted to one Linky at a time.

This simply means that if you’re using Linkies for free, only the newest Linky will be displayed, but older Linkies will present a link to click to view their contents.

If you have an upgraded membership at any level, all of your Linkies will display as they always have. And I thank you very, very much for your support!

Got Mail!!

Hotmail and MSN seem to be working now, thanks to some new code that sends mail a different way. If you notice any change in e-mail reception, please let me know.

Get ’em while they last!

There are just a couple more LIFETIME silver memberships left before they become available on a per-year basis. Want a lifetime silver membership? Hurry!! Get ’em while they last!!

It’s in there!

New code? Yup, we got it!

And more delays…

You’d think I was running an airline or something! I’ve been working on a few more things to make sure this thing is ready… now all I need is to test it on my blog this week. So next weekend, on the 29th, you’ll see the new stuff. I promise!… unless there’s fog. :)

Slight delay…

Oh, if only IE weren’t such a piece of… hmm, I’ve got this weird JavaScript issue on IE I need to work out before I can declare this thing ready for late late night, to say nothing of prime time… Stay tuned!!

Big Changes!

Hold onto your hat — big changes are coming this weekend! April 15-16 Mister Linky will have a few new tricks up his sleeve. Some of them won’t even cost you anything! Stay tuned! No, really!! :)

What’s in a name…

Once you have registered, be sure to use your new username in your Linky code. Your autolink script should say owner=newname — using your new username. If you have been using a different owner=something username, that can be fixed. Just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to help.

Got Mail?

Hotmail and MSN seem to be rejecting Mister Linky’s confirmation e-mails. if you’re a user of one of these systems, please be patient, as each confirmation has to be rerouted manually. If you experience delays with other systems, please let me know and I’ll investigate.

Now accepting PayPal

I just signed up with PayPal, and hopefully it’s all working!

Registration Required

Registration will be required beginning May 1, 2006. A message will appear on non-registered Linkies beginning April 3, and blog owners will have four weeks to register. Since registration is free and mostly painless, this should not be a big deal for anybody. The reason for this change is to prevent anonymous users from sticking Linky scripts on their pages and stealing server/network resources from everyone who did take the time to sign up.


I’m still testing the new system… please let me know if you notice anything that doesn’t work quite right.

Mister Linky

Old FAQ — Notification

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. How will I know when someone leaves their Linky?

A. Mister Linky’s Gold members may choose to receive an e-mail message whenever someone enters a Linky on one of their posts. If you are a Gold member, visit the options page to set this up. If not, you may click here to become one.

Old FAQ — Comments

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. Mister Linky’s Comments with Linkies — those are the coolest thing ever!

A. That’s not a question, but thank you! It’s either a comment system with Linkies built in or Linkies with comments built in… we’re not so sure ourselves! :) It’s the best thing since sliced bread, that much we know! If you are a Platinum Member this is something you can put in your template, and you’re done! Whenever you make a new post, you have the option of telling Mister Linky whether it’s part of a meme or not, and you’re done! Just click on over to the Widget Wizard… you can get started right away!

Old FAQ — Red Text

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. I’ve registered with Mister Linky but I still see the red text, “Blog owner: Please register for this service.” What’s up with that?

A. Once you register, you’ll have a shiny new username that is the key to everything Linky. When you put Linky code into your post (the autolink.php script) you should use this new username after the “owner=” part. The easiest way to get your Linky script code is to go to the widgets page and then click on the New Linky button. NOTE: If you have old code that uses a different name, feel free to change the “owner=” to your new username, but be sure to send me both the old and new codes so I can fix everything up in the database and keep links from getting lost.

Old FAQ — Membership

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. What does the “membership” level mean?

A. Silver-level membership is available for only $5 per year.. Gold-level membership costs $10 per year. Platinum-level membership is a bargain at $20 per year, for all of the features available at that level. Membership has its privileges, of course, and those details now appear on the upgrade page.

Old FAQ — Buttons

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. How can I get a cool button to put on my template?

A. I’ve made up three of them, and maybe one of them would appeal to you. Just grab the script in the box and put it in your template somewhere. And thank you!

Mister Linky

Mister Linky

Mister Linky

Old FAQ — About

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Q. What happened to the “about” page?

A. I realized there just wasn’t that much to talk “about”… here’s the Mister Linky story, in case you missed it…

I was a quiet child. I always did well in school. What? Not that beginning?

Well, OK. Mister Linky was born out of my overwhelming laziness. Yes, it’s true! I would go visiting around to other Thursday Thirteeners and they’d come back and visit me and they’d want to get linked up. That’s how it works, after all! And I would dutifully spend an hour or more — oh yes, no kidding! — clicking through Blogger profiles and finding the links and editing my HTML… that is, if Blogger was even speaking to me!

Feh, enough. Well what if there was a way to add everybody’s links automatically? Well necessity met invention and the rest is history.

And so I started using it myself and I think it was KDubs who first asked if she could use it, and then a bunch of other people joined in and then it just started spreading on its own. Made it a little difficult to make sure people were getting the code right, but it all seems to be working so far.

And here we are. I want to thank everyone who has made a donation. It really does help to make sure there is plenty of bandwidth to go around, that the lights keep shining on the database, and that the code keeps rolling along. Thank you!


Friday, January 26th, 2007

I’m *this close* — ok, give it a try!