Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen things about Mister Linky

Posted early… hey, it’s Thursday somewhere!! :)

1. Can you believe it? Mister Linky has never played TT before!

2. It’s true, even though Mister Linky has taken part in more than 4,100 Thursday Thirteens.

3. Last Thursday, 411 visitors left links on 151 blogs, which worked out to a total of 1,961 links all together.

4. In October, Mister Linky served up more than a million hits on just the header script alone!

5. There are a lot more stats but I’ve got to save something for next week!

6. I’ve learned so much about PHP, MySQL, Javascript I should probably teach a class in them!

7. I’ve also learned enough about WordPress to write a plugin.

8. I recently received a request for Expression Engine support, so I had to learn about that real quick!

9. I spent a weekend writing a plugin for that platform.

10. The Widget Wizard was upgraded recently. Read more about that here.

11. And Perma-Linkies are a new way of saving your links forever, making them easier for search engines and Technorati to find them Read more about that here.

12. There’s a CSS file you can/should link to, and you’re welcome to create your own customization of it. Read about that here.

13. Mister Linky is always eager to hear your suggestions for making the system better!
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