Monthly Archives: September 2006

Welcome! (again)

This is Mister Linky’s new blog. This blog will be used for testing all of the new features, especially the ones that require a WordPress blog.

And what feature would that be? THE MISTER LINKY PLUGIN!! Now in limited test! That means that the linky you see at the bottom of this post was created simply be inserting the text…


…anywhere in my post. When that syntax is encountered during display of the blog, special magic occurs: 1. a new web service is called to get the links, and 2. the links are displayed without using JavaScript.

Displaying the links directly inline, without using JavaScript means that the spiders that crawl blogs searching for links will find them and count them and include them in sites like TTLB and Technorati. It’s as if you included the links right in your post!

Another special feature of the plugin is if you invoke the plugin with this syntax…

[blenza_autolink code]

…where code can be tt (for Thursday Thirteen) or ww (for Wordless Wednesday), etc. etc. — don’t worry, I’ll give you a list of them to choose from.

If it isn’t obvious yet, there are two things you don’t have to do: 1. after you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll customize it with your Mister Linky user ID so you don’t have to paste that in every time, and 2. since WordPress always knows your post ID, you don’t need to include that either! Magic!!

OK, that’s all I’m going to say about this right now. Once it’s all working smooth like butter I’ll let a few brave souls try it — maybe even this Wednesday or Thursday! Leave a comment if you’re interested.

But EVERYBODY, PLEASE — leave your linky here just to test this out, so I can make sure it’s all goodness and no badness!